Many Happy Returns! The Newsletter is Back!

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Hi, there! I am back from my summer sabbatical and am I very grateful for all of my community! Although there are a whole lot of positive changes, I am going to ease back into this newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  1. Top 40 Project Management Terms Online
  2. I have over 300 Periscope Followers
  3. How to Change Your Periscope Username – In the Mobile App
  4. I have over 300 Instagram Followers
  5. I am on Snapchat!

Top 40 Project Management Terms Course

I have created an all-new project management course strictly for people who want to learn project management basics. These are the top 40 terms all based on either the dictionary and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). All certified project managers must follow the PMBOK. I have created this course to help career professionals easily learn real project management and be affordable. I am also notifying my community that I will be delivering more email broadcasts in your inboxes over the next 2-3 weeks.

The course costs $97 and you can enroll here:

I have over 300 Periscope Followers

I am happy to announce that I have amassed over Periscope followers this past month. I have increased my frequency instead of broadcasting once a day. Also my username is now changed from @missphenom to @carlarjenkins. Changing my username is much easier than thought. Now you don’t have to contact Periscope to change it.

Here is my new Periscope username:

How to Change Your Periscope Username

  1. Open up Periscope
  2. Go to your Periscope profile
  3. Click the pencil in the upper right hand corner
  4. Go to the @ symbol and change your username
  5. Click on the pencil again

I Have Over 300 Instagram Followers – Transitioned to Instagram Business

My Instagram follower count has surpassed 300. I attribute this to three things: 1. eBay Adventures stories chronicling my adventure in eBay selling; 2. Videos and 2. Daily DuPont Circle photography. I love Instagram because I love communicating with people and sharing ideas and information.

I have also transitioned from a personal to a business account for these reasons: 1) it is free! And 2) there are metrics. I am a continuous improvement junky so I LOVE metrics. When I can measure something, I can improve it!

Follow me on Instagram:


I am on Snapchat!

I have join Snapchat over this summer. It is interesting and I am learning my way around. I will keep my community notified upon how I use it.


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