March Forward!

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Forward – : moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front checked the forward movement of the dog; also : moving toward an opponent’s goal



Here’s what you will expect from and Phenomena Corporation:

Newly Revamped Newsletter – Carla’s Correspondence is returning bigger and better than ever! I am giving my readers, the absolute best thoughts and tips towards improving your personal and professional lives. You’ll also will learn what’s going on with me and Phenomena Corporation.

New Content – I am just getting started in February. I am entering March full steam ahead with new blogs, podcasts and videos. Keep your eyes and ears peeled here at!

New Opportunities – I am expanding beyond my blog. I am doing more guest posts, affiliate marketing and content experimentation. The one thing I will not do is stagnate.

New Products/Services- New season, new products and services ready to get my clients to the next level!





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