Microsoft Will Release Its New Cybersecurity Architect Expert Career Path

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Breaking News: Microsoft will release its new Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert career path. This path will comprise of two steps: 1) Pass the AZ-500, SC-200, SC-300 and MS-500 and 2) pass the SC-100. Since the SC-100 beta exam will not be rolled out until April 2022, this path will not be complete until sometime in either May or June 2022.

The certified cybersecurity architect expert is an interesting one. I have not seen too many cybersecurity architect job titles as much as network architect. Network security is a key component of cybersecurity. With that said, I do see this new expert path as a good idea. Last year when the SC-900, SC-200, SC-300, and SC-400 certifications were released, people were clamoring for a security expert exam. This new path is a response them.



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