Midweek Review AI-900 Accomplished

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Happy Wednesday everybody! This is the first week of November and it has started off with a bang! I passed my Azure AI Fundamentals certification this Monday. This certification has helped expand my opportunities. If you need help better managing your cloud computing projects, contact me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Passed My AI-900

Monday, November 2, 2020 I passed my AI-900 exam. This is my third Azure certification and my sixth cloud computing certification. I am brimming with pride as a techie. I love statistics and this AI-900 has regression within machine learning.

Expanded Professional Networking

After passing my Azure AI Fundamentals certification. Immediately I go into expanding my opportunities. I have noticed that after doing the labs and supplementing my knowledge with certifications, that I qualify for even more full-time opportunities.

I have also received my DataScienceGO virtual conference certificate of attendance. Attending it helps me with AI-900 because there is a feature engineering presentation. The conference is also co-sponsored with Oracle Cloud. Having passed my Oracle Foundations Associate certification, I have the cloud background.



New Blog Posts on Carlarjenkins.com and Positivitychange.com

Expect new articles on both sites. With www.carlarjenkins.com, I have posted my Azure AI Fundamentals article. Expect even more new posts this week. With www.positivitychange.com, November is National Gratitude Month. There will be more gratitude resources to help you practice it throughout this pandemic.

New Income Opportunities

Tuesday I received my Medium and IngramSpark book income reports. I wrote this book 4 years ago and it was still making me money. This motivated me to write Expand Your Personal Brand 2. I will keep you posted and send you the pre-order link when it is ready.

New Store Offerings

Shop my store for all of my personal branding and project management products and services. I am also in the process of getting new items. As a Project Management Professional (PMP), I pride myself on having the latest products and services to help become better.

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