Midweek Review: AZ-305 Is Out!

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If you don’t know, the AZ-305 beta exam is now out! All 300 beta exam codes have been claimed. I will be sitting for this beta exam in December and will keep you posted.


AZ-305 Beta Exam Is Out

The AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect Expert beta exam is out. This exam will replace the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams in March 2022. After March 2022, the new Solution Architect Expert pathway will be AZ-104 + AZ-305.

P.S. – All 300 beta exam codes have been claimed.

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Open To Receiving More Cloud Jobs

I am still open to receiving new full-time remote cloud engineer, cloud architect and cloud administrator jobs. I have cloud native, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud (AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud) skills. Visit my LinkedIn profile  and get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact


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Check out www.carlarjenkins.com for all-new blog posts about AZ-305, day 500 of 100 days of cloud and this week in AWS community.

Also get ready for the my newest Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program week 2 review coming today.

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AZ-305 Learning Path Received Over 1250 Views

I would like to thank my LinkedInFam for getting my completed AZ-305 learning path over 1250 views. This matters so much to me because I always love sharing my knowledge and learning in public. I am also a mentor and help people plan their careers in IT, cloud and project management.

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Bonus – SC-200 Study Session

I am still studying to pass my SC-200. I have completed the Whizlabs SC-200 practice exam. I will also check out the TestPrepTraining.com and maybe even Skillcertpro. I am using Microsoft Learn



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