Midweek Review: Back Up And Running

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I have skipped the Week Ahead for 2 reasons: a nasty left ear infection and ongoing construction next door. I am recording the Midweek Review video at night after the construction leaves because I don’t want you to hear it.


Updating My Resume

I have just realized this morning that I have to update my resume because last week I completed my Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge. I received my badge last week but it did not click that a resume change was in order.

I also discussed about regularly scheduling in resume reviews in this video. You can also subscribe my YouTube channel Adventures in Workforce Development playlist where I chronicle my workforce development journey as a white-collar professional.

Rearranging The Cloud Certifications

My raggedy earache has delayed my passing my Azure certification exams. I was disappointed because I wanted to pass before my Day 250 of #100DaysofCloud. However, when I pass you will be the first to know.


More Professional Networking

In addition to reviewing my resume, I am extending my network beyond just online career fairs. I am also attending US Chamber of Commerce and Minority Business Development Agency. I love doing business so these two places are great for learning more about business current events.

Monitoring SBA Cares Act Changes

First, thank you for watching my 2 Things They Don’t Tell You About That Targeted EIDL application YouTube video. I truly appreciate all of the great comments and views. I want you to be able to know what the process is regarding the Targeted EIDL process. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel at www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

I will keep up with the new SBA CARES Act changes especially with the passage of the new economic stimulus bill. Remember, you can get all of this new information as an email subscriber. Sign up at www.carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist

Gearing Up for Spring

This is nearly mid-March. Spring is coming. This means new content, products and possibly a sale. Keep it right here at www.carlarjenkins.com

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