Midweek Review: Day 450 Of 100 Days Of Cloud

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Tuesday I celebrated crossing Day 450 of 100 Days of Cloud. I received a lot of cloud opportunities due to my endurance.

Day 450 of 100 Days of Cloud

During this quarter cycle, I recertified my OCI Foundations Associate. I am currently studying to pass the OCI Operations Associate. Next will be the OCI Autonomous Database Specialist because I want to be multi-cloud in machine learning.

I keep telling people to take advantage of this free Oracle training and exam vouchers. Yes, Oracle may not be the Big 3 of US cloud computing (AWS, Azure and GCP), but Oracle is giving you free cloud tier, free certification and a free way to upskill and reskill yourself. This promotion is going on from now until December 31, 2021 8pm EDT. Click here for more information.


Secured a Public Speaking Gig Through Facebook And My Website

Yippee! I am very happy to announce that I have received a speaking engagement from an African Python group! They’ve found me on Facebook business page and my website.

I have always been pushing for the longest to have your own website and to make sure that your social media handles are uniform. I am @carlarjenkins all across social media. My website is www.carlarjenkins.com.

Adding the FB Messenger widget to my website helps me capture leads. In this case, the group rep contacted me through the widget which was sent to my Facebook business page email and I responded.

Finally, I am still open to receiving IT, cloud and project management speaking opportunities at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Open To More Cloud Engineer, Cloud Admin And Cloud Architect Opportunities

I am very much open to receiving even more full-time direct hire, permanent remote and Washington, DC cloud engineer, cloud administrator and cloud architect positions. I am AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud certified and have work experience in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and cloud native. Get in touch with me at https://carlarjenkins.com/contact

Secured Free SAFe POPM Certification Training

I have been holding onto this bit of great news for a week: I have secured a free Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Product Owner Product Manager (POPM) certification training. I have been holding it in because initially I was denied because I discovered the free post on Teneika Askew’s Twitter page a day later. I waited another day then slid in there and snagged it.

I will also do a Facebook livestream about how many professional certifications I have received through free training and free vouchers. I want to inspire and motivate you to seek out ways to upskill and reskill yourself.

Keep Studying OCI Operations Associate, Terraform And (Maybe) Python

I am continuing my 100 Days of Cloud by studying the OCI Operations Associate, Terraform Associate (there is some overlap between this and Operations Associate), the OCI Autonomous Database Specialist (I will be multi-cloud in machine learning) and (maybe) even Python. I am thinking about deepening my Python coding knowledge since I am halfway through my 5th 100 Days of Cloud cycle.

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