Midweek Review : Day After Christmas

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Hey everybody! I hope that you have had a Merry Christmas! It is the day after and www.carlarjenkins.com is back up and running!


Projectized Show Is Back!

Like I have just said in the Week Ahead video, I am only taking off on Christmas. Projectized is back! I am filming new episodes Monday through Friday 5:30pm EST on Periscope YouTube Live and Instagram Live

Recruitment game Is Still Strong!

I have received emails from recruiters on Christmas Eve. Yes many people are taking Christmas break but I am still putting in the work to ensure that 2020 will be my best year ever!

As I have always mentioned, I am passionate about teaching PMP and ITIL certification training because these two certifications have given me so many opportunities. I want the same for my students. If you need help passing the PMP, CAPM and ITIL 3 and 4 Foundation exams, get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact


Carlajenkins.com Content Throughout Christmas

Yes, it is Christmas (well, it was yesterday) but www.carlarjenkins.com is still producing new content. There is still a niche and need for fresh new business content throughout the holidays; and, www.carlarjenkins.com is happy to supply it. I will still be pumping out the new stuff well into the final week of 2019!

New Content on Positivitychange.com

My positive change site, www.positivitychange.com will be releasing new content well into the New Year too. People need positivity entering 2020 and I am very happy to supply it.

Also I have a positive change newsletter, the PositivityChange post. If you need more positivity in your inbox, subscribe at www.positivitychange.com/mailinglist

Thanking My Carla’s Correspondence Email Subscribers

I am truly honored and humbled that my Carla’s Correspondence subscribers have given me a 30%-40% open rate these past 2 weeks. My newsletters are not always about me but helping my subscribers become better in social media and personal branding.

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