Midweek Review : First Page Google Rank for IGTV Expert, Increased Email Open Rates and Lives

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My week has been more than made by learning

that I am on first page Google when searching for IGTV Expert!


Scoring First Page Google Rank for IGTV Expert

First page google is big because 95% people don’t go past the first page. That means that when people are searching for Instagram TV (IGTV) Expert, I come up! And, let’s not forget that Google is the #1 website in the WORLD!

Passing 350,000 Periscope Hearts

I am grateful to meet my February 2019 Periscope heart goal. I have returned back to Periscope in December 2018 and am happy to build my community. Here is my thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this milestone.


Video marketing gains

I am getting a lot of positive results and shares from recording my second work video series. I am still getting retweets and shares from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I need to get the word out to people that I am back in my hometown Cleveland.

Receiving more engagement on livestream videos

I have noticed that more people are coming into my Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Live broadcasts. I am no longer going live with no one in there. I made a mistake Monday going live without a title and there were people coming into the room because of my consistency.

Higher Email Open Rates

I am very happy that my subscribers are opening more of my emails because I put so much effort into educating them. They receive exclusive content from me that no one else gets.

If you don’t want to miss out, sign up here: www.carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist



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