Midweek Review: Getting Noticed by AWS

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This is a watershed moment like HUGE and it is ONLY midweek! Both Amazon Web Services Twitter and Instagram accounts sent me encouragement along my cloud journey! Do you know how big this is when the market leader in cloud computing stops where it is doing on TWO social media channels to shout you out? This means that I must be doing something right!


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Professional Training

This is truly advanced training. I am happy that I have completed Wednesday’s Elastic Beanstalk lab entirely by myself with the help of Google and YouTube. I mean that it what I will be doing once I get that job. I am very happy that I have completed the Lynda.com AWS Solutions Architect Professional learning path before enrolling because at least I am familiar with all of the services.

Completed the Lynda.com AWS Solutions Architect Professional Learning Path

I always feel that it is my responsibility to walk into any training with a working knowledge of the discipline; and, AWS Solutions Architect Professional is no different. Completing this track has made me more familiar with the services. Solutions Architect Professional is way more advanced than Solutions Architect Associate. I would also say that completing several Lynda.com Solutions Architect Associate learning path classes (I have not finished yet!) have helped me with this week’s training too.


Landed a phone call for a new Project Management Opportunity

I cannot wait to share this with everyone here. I have landed a new project management opportunity fresh off the heels of last week’s PMP instructional training. I am very happy that this company has reached out to me because I love delivering project management in different ways and this opportunity gives me a new way to reach a different demographic.

AWS Twitter and Instagram Accounts Reached Out to Me

This has made my entire week. I know that I am on the cloud computing market leader’s radar when both its Twitter and Instagram reached out to me this past Monday. I have been documenting my Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud journey since June when I was vying for funding. I have started the AWS training classes in August (I am still enrolled). This amount of consistency and dedication does not go unnoticed. I do want to work for AWS at the Crystal City, VA HQ2. When I keep this up, I just might end up back in the DC metro area.

Received Over 1200 LinkedIn Views for My Lynda.com Course Completion Status

Today I have checked my LinkedIn account and have seen that I have received nearly 1200 LinkedIn views for my Lynda.com Solutions Architect Professional course completion. Lynn Langit is a great teacher who introduces me to new jargon and concepts to help me complete the learning path and know the training course material.

Now these are my top 5 and this week is not even over with yet! I cannot wait until Friday. I bet I will have even more wins to tell you about!

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