Midweek Review : Getting Very Good at Video Marketing

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Even with the MLK holiday, this abbreviated week has been anything but in the accomplishment department. Check out how my week (thus far) has progressed.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is super critical towards my success. In just these first 3 weeks of 2020, my website and social media platforms have all benefited from video marketing. I hadn’t written one blog posts in between January 13th and January 21st and still my readers kept coming to my site. This was attributed to videos accompanying my blog posts.

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Receiving 100K Monthly Twitter Impressions

I would like to thank everyone who supports me on Twitter to getting me over 100,000 monthly Twitter impressions. I checked my analytics this past Tuesday and saw that. It was surprising because the only other time I saw 100K monthly impressions were last spring when I had several Periscope broadcasts do over 500 views.

However, I realized that this was my new normal. I embraced it because creating Twitter-only content, daily video uploads and 1 year’s worth of Projectized project management live stream episodes gave me these 100K monthly impressions.

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Receiving Another PMI Interview

As a certified project manager and hostess of Projectized project management show, I was thrilled to receive another Project Management Institute (PMI) interview. This time it was for its standard plus portal.

I have written extensively about it.  Furthermore, I have my PM.Project newsletter and my high open rates are due to my delivering the newest project management news.

I have had a previous PMI interview for its Ascent program. Ascent is the PMI’s continuing education portal for PMI-certified professionals. Hopefully, the Standards Plus interview will help my audience better understand how they can benefit from this new product.

Thanks for Supporting www.carlarjenkins.com

You the reader means so much to me. I was able to not post anything on the blog for 8 days yet you still came to www.carlarjenkins.com. I truly honored at how much loyalty I have from you!

Don’t worry there are now several new articles on this site covering project management along with the Week Ahead series. For all of the newest posts check out: https://carlarjenkins.com/blog/

Ohio Means Jobs Workforce Development

I am still very big on re-skilling and upskilling so I am back with Ohio Means Jobs for this New Year and New Decade. I am very happy for the support that I have received from other training specialists to upload my newest resume into the portal and provide me with event registration information to land more opportunities.

This week is far from over! Be back this Friday for the week in review. And if you know anything about my life then you know that it changes quickly so you don’t want to miss it.



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