Midweek Review : LinkedIn Loyalty

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My LinkedIn has been booming since I passed my Azure Network Engineer Associate on October 7, 2021! I would love to thank my LinkedIn Family for all of their support. You can connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here


LinkedIn Booming

I am thankful to all of the people who have viewed my AZ-500 Microsoft Learn module yesterday. I am very big on learning in public and sharing what I know to help you. My LinkedIn post has received over 1750 views. This is proof that so many of you are interested and want to learn more about Azure security.

Open to Cloud Engineers

I am open to receiving full-time direct hire remote and Washington, DC cloud engineers. I can do multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud native. Contact me here


ITIL 4 Is Making A Return

I am completely surprised by this development. I hadn’t seen this coming for this week ahead video. However, ITIL is making a comeback. I interviewed for a position and the company’s requirement was ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support.

This situation made me happy that I was an early adopter and self-starter. I received my ITIL 4 in March 2019 as soon as it came out. Also I received my ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support in February 2020. These were years before this interview.

This showed me the importance of staying current and being an early adopter. There are still many people and companies who aren’t on ITIL 4 yet. If you and/or your company needs help with the ITIL 3 to ITIL 4 transition, reach out to me here.

Making Some Progress On My Instagram Hack

I am back up and running with a backup account www.Instagram.com/carlarjenkins1 (I would like to thank Ricky DaVista for the recommendation).

LeSigh. I got hacked this past weekend (You can watch my video here. No I am not selling Bitcoin!). I am making some headway but it has been challenging. I do need my original account back STAT!

Continuing AZ-500 Studies

I’ve returned to studying to pass my AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies exam next month. Things are starting to come back to me. Remember I’ve ditched AZ-500 to pass AZ-700. I am confident that since I’ve passed AZ-700, I know that I will pass AZ-500.

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