Midweek Review: Preparing for 2020

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A whole lot can happen in 3 days! I am very happy to have partnered with GreyCampus for my Tuesday webinar as well as meet with my career coach. Here are my top 5 things during this midweek!


Career Check – Up My Career Coach

I have had a lot of opportunities this year and want to ensure that my resume reflects them now not in 2020! I want people to know about what I am doing right now. Yes, I am a big believer of New Year’s Resolutions (you have to start somewhere); but, I am also a very big believer in ensuring that I have all of the tools ready for the upcoming year. Moreover, having renewed my PMP certification , I want to start reaping those benefits now in December as opposed to January. Having a polished updated resume will get me even more opportunities in 2020 and beyond.

Webinar Replay

Thanks for attending my Tuesday 7 Reasons to Use Project Management for Cybersecurity Webinar. You can still register for free to get the webinar video link and slides.


Carlarjenkins.com Has Hit 292,000 Alexa Internet

*When I shot this on Wednesday it was 296K. I am happy that it has moved up 4,000 spots!*

As a mostly solo business blogger, I am extremely grateful to have my blog crack the top 300,000 Alexa Internet websites in the world! That is pretty awesome! Moreover, be on the lookout for even more articles for the rest of December because I have decided (5 days into December to participate in Blogmas. This means that I will post daily until December 25th.). I feel that even among the holidays, people still want business news and www.carlarjenkins.com is here to supply it!

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Still Open to Teaching PMP and ITIL 3 and 4 Certification This December

Throughout this year and this blog.  I have harped on how my PMP and ITIL certifications have given me numerous opportunities. I have also said that right now in December 2019 is a great time to end 2019 on a high note as a certified professional. I want the same for you which is why I am still open to helping you get PMP and ITIL certified by the end of this year. Get in touch with me: www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Video Marketing

Video has helped me once again! I am thankful to receive this very nice email from LinkedIn about her watching my Facebook videos and wanting to connect with me! I am truly honored. Furthermore, this attests to the power of video. It is the highest converting medium over audio (podcast), written (blog) and image (photo). You can watch all of my video on my YouTube channel). You can also connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

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