Midweek Review: Preparing For Christmas

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Even with Christmas being this Friday, I am still receiving interviews and opportunities. This is due to a great personal brand. You can polish up your personal brand for 2021 by reading Expand Your Personal Brand


Professional Development

I rarely promote products and services outside of mine but I must tell you that Whizlabs’s Grand Sale. This is an online test prep company that is offering 50% off its courses and practice exams from today, Wednesday, December 23, 2020 until January 3, 2021. Use the promo code XMAS50. I have used Whizlabs to study for some of my certification exams. Please forward this information to any of your customers. Go to www.whizlabs.com

Carla’s Corner

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Celebrating Christmas

I will be celebrating Christmas with my parents. I am grateful that both of them are still living. I wish you reading this a Merry Christmas too.

Create My Content

Expect new content on both www.carlarjenkins.com and www.positivitychange.com . We are coming into the New Year with a renewed fresh perspective.

Continuous Improvement

I am still studying to pass my Azure certifications and creating a new learning schedule to position myself for 2021. Ending 2020 with a new Azure certification will help me to be successful coming into the New Year.

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