Midweek Review: Pressing The Flesh

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Building upon last week’s Amazon Web Services’ Solutions Architect Professional training and receiving my new project management webinar opportunity. This has been a transitory week for me with new opportunities emerging last this past Monday.


Adding Breadth to My AWS Knowledge

I am taking my Solutions Architect Professional (SAP) instructor’s recommendation of building out my AWS knowledge by learning the developer’s associate learning path. I am currently done with 2 of the 5 modules and aim to finish the learning path by the end of this week. My goal is to master the AWS programming codes especially as a programmer myself. I don’t want to teach to test but to have an ingrained fundamental understanding of what goes where and why. I feel that learning the AWS developer’s associate will help me with this and passing my AWS certification exams.

Finish Recording My Project Management Webinar Sample

I have completed the project management webinar sample today and will ship it out tomorrow for review. I am happy to be blessed with another project management opportunity. My goal has to been to help as many people earn their PMPs. If you need help in passing your PMP, get in touch with me here: www.carlarjenkins.com/contact


Prep for the Opportunity Corridor Job Fair

Remember when I say earlier in this article about new opportunities springing up? Well, this is one of them. Out of nowhere, I see this event on the calendar and immediately reach out to my employment specialist who gives me all of the companies who will be at the event. This is my opportunity to shine, press the flesh and promote my personal brand.

Received Another LinkedIn Testimonial

I am a business blogger and LinkedIn is the business social media. I have had a lady in the project management space who has reached out to me on LinkedIn. I have sent her a thank you email. She responded that she loves watching my videos and how I help people profit. Well, that is what I am all about here! Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

Received 2425 LinkedIn Followers

I love my LinkedIn fam and am very grateful that my community is expanding. I am truly happy that my community has supported me through my AWS cloud journey by watching and sharing my videos, commenting on my posts and referring me for opportunities. I am happy that this is also my largest social media following.

I have had a lot of great momentum with one pleasant surprise thus far! I cannot wait until the end of this week for even more great things to happen to me!

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