Midweek Review: Pushing My Personal Brand

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I must say that entering November 2019 my professional path has changed. I can definitively say that teaching PMP and ITIL in-person has changed how I view my personal brand because I am now more in demand. It does not hurt that these companies are hiring me based on my LinkedIn social media strategy. I am a business blogger who has been actively on LinkedIn since 2015 so I am happy to have the fruits of my labor.


This week is no different. There has been a pleasant surprise regarding another teaching opportunity; however, I love certification teaching because I see how much mileage I have gotten out my PMP and ITIL 3 and 4 certifications.

More PMP and ITIL Teaching Opportunities

I am pleasantly surprised to receive the rescheduled ITIL teaching assignment this week. It was not available when I shot my Week Ahead series. Also I have started working on my next PMP teaching opportunity which you will know more about soon enough in this Week in Review post!

Video Marketing

Seeing that my personal branding has grown, I have shot 3 new instructional videos showcasing my certification teaching skillset. I want to keep pushing out high quality video content attracting the right people to partner with me.

You can catch all of my videos on YouTube here: www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

YouTube Videos

My YouTube channel has been receiving lots of positive comments and subscribers! I aim to have educational videos that help viewers in the areas of social media, personal branding and project management. From their feedback, I am glad that they love them.

Seeking Out New Promotional Channels

I have mastered social media and video marketing. I am going back to calling and in-person events to grow my personal brand. I am also look at other ways to push my promotions. New channels = new opportunities!

International Project Management Day Newsletter Is Out!

Today is International Project Management Day! Receiving my PMP has completely changed my career! To celebrate today, I have released a special edition of PM.Project. You can get it by signing up for the list www.bit.ly/pmprojectmail

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