Midweek Review: Reinventing Myself

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This whole week and next week I will be attending AWS Reinvent virtual conference. I will also be wrapping up 2020 while starting to plan for 2021.

AWS Reinvent

I am actively catching all of the Amazon Web Services Reinvent machine learning and artificial intelligence sessions. After watching 2 of last week’s AWS machine learning sessions, things were starting to click. I was grateful to have Microsoft Learn because its AI and machine learning paths have educated me. I was also happy to have done all of the labs because then I could do all of the work.

When I clicked on the AWS Machine Learning Udemy course announcement, I saw that I stopped on the refinement learning module. One month later, I finally understood wheat refinement learning was. Without Microsoft Learn – and Whizlabs AI-100 course to a lesser extent – I would not had learned artificial intelligence and machine learning well enough to watch the AWS Reinvent sessions.

For the record, I have the calculus and linear algebra math background and AI and machine learning are still hard for me. I can only imagine the steep learning curve for people without my background.

Watching AWS Reinvent sessions make me schedule my AWS machine learning specialty exam after passing my Microsoft AI Engineer exam. I now know and understand how to use SageMaker and feel that I better understand machine learning in general. Of course, I will finish my Udemy exam prep course plus go through the practice exams scoring 80% even scheduling to pass my AWS machine learning exam.


Expand Professional Network

I would like to thank the Cleveland State University Career Services for its Walk-In Wednesday Zoom appointment. The advice has helped me move forward. Now instead of just saying that I would be the best fit, I am saying how I would add value.

I will also join Azure and Oracle Cloud LinkedIn groups since I am certified in both cloud languages. I will also get more specific on my job search looking at certain companies to build relationships.

Connect with me on LinkedIn on www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

More Video Content

Expect more videos to come your way via www.carlarjenkins.com or YouTube. I will be releasing more project management videos since I am attending AWS Reinvent. There will be no Projectized because the AWS Reinvent sessions are held during 5:30pm EST. I still want my viewers to have the latest in project management knowledge.

Finishing Up 2020 Strong

As of today, we are 3 weeks out from the New Year. I am all about finishing up 2020 on a high note. That means adding more value in my content and interactions and auditing my brand. I must be laser-focused entering 2021.

Start Planning for 2021

I do think that I don’t have to overhaul must entering the New Year. Regarding video marketing, what I will say is that with YouTube, most people just want to watch my YouTube , Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook updates. They aren’t as interested in my Pinterest so I have stopped releasing videos on every single platform I was on.

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