Midweek Review: Webinar Ready

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Hey even though this week is abbreviated because of Thanksgiving, I am still grinding. I have 1 phone interview and 1 webinar dry run for my 7 Reasons to Use Project Management for Cybersecurity. My ITIL and PMP certifications have made me employable regardless of the business cycle. Most people have stopped hiring. Not I. I am still getting jobs here in late November and December.


December 3rd GreyCampus Webinar

I am partnering with GreyCampus to bring you 7 Reasons to Use Project Management for Cybersecurity. Christmastime is a great time to present this webinar because so many people are whipping out their credit cards making Christmas gift purchases. Learn how the cybersecurity field is using project management. Sign up for FREE now ahead of Tuesday’s webinar.

More Work (Which Is Great!)

Even though this is the week of Thanksgiving, the grind does not stop. I am still interviewing and applying for jobs this week. I am maximizing every single day this week of Thanksgiving so that my applications can be processed by the time the managers return.

Still Teaching PMP and ITIL Certification This December

Fresh off of my DC ITIL Foundation training trip, I am opening my calendar to teach for December. As I have mentioned before, my PMP and ITIL certifications have made me recession proof; and, I want the same thing for you. Get in touch with me to get either PMP or ITIL certified by the end of 2019 www.carlarjenkins.com/contact


Receiving 2475 LinkedIn Followers

I am a business blogger and LinkedIn is the business social media. I am very honored to receive 2475 LinkedIn followers. Also I am grateful that so many people are connecting with me on LinkedIn which is great. I attribute this new wave to my most recent 5 Lessons Learned from My DC ITIL Training Trip post.

Connect with me on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

Still Writing (Even Though Nanowrimo Took a Dip)

Now everyone remembers when I started November and National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). Well, work (great things!) have gotten in the way. I am still writing (on my blog, video scripts and press releases) but I am nowhere close to 50,000 words. I am still happy to continue creating material that my audio will love.

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