Midweek Review: Working While Waiting

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Hey there family! There is so much movement happening and I am only at the halfway mark here. I am grateful each of you reading this and every opportunity that I receive.

New April 2021 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge

Just released a new video about this. If you have a work email then you will receive a free exam voucher after completing a new learning path. I have used this program to pass my Azure Data Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals, Microsoft Security Fundamentals and Azure Administrator Associate. I also plan on using the voucher to sit for my Azure Security Technologies exam (more about AZ-500 later in this post!).

Still Studying AZ-500 While Awaiting My SC-900 Beta Exam Results

That’s the title of this post. I am awaiting my SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals beta exam results so I am working on passing my AZ-500. The SC-300 IAM Administrator beta exam results are starting to come out. This means hopefully the SC-900 results will come out soon. I have a new video regarding this SC-900.



Keep Pushing My Personal Brand

Two weeks ago I passed my AZ-104 Azure Administrator exam. I am still g1etting a Lot of mileage from passing it. You can read all about it here. I am receiving more interviews and work requests. I am keeping the momentum going by interviewing at Restart and my alma mater, CSU spring virtual career fair.

Get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

New Content Coming Out

Expect new content to come out this week on my website, YouTube channel and my email list. You know that my email list is the absolutely first place that you get exclusive content, even before it hits here. Subscribe to my mailing list at www.carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist

Professional Development

Things are changing (for the better!). And since they are, I have registered for Women CEO Project’s 2-month coaching program. I want to be able to not only sustain my current momentum but increase it. I am also still studying to pass my AZ-500.

I may add the MS-700 Teams Administrator Associate to the list since Skype for Business will be gone. This shift represents a huge opportunity. MS-700 Microsoft Teams is also project management communication software so there is a huge need for this with project managers communicating across the globe to their teams.



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