Morning Magnet : 100 Facebook Likes

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Good morning everyone! I am very happy to announce that yesterday the Carla R Jenkins Facebook business page received 100 likes! This is big social media milestone for me. Reaching 100 likes legitimizes me because now I have a significant presence on the world’s largest social medium. In addition, I am not here for a participation ribbon. I am here to make an impact. Every other platform that I am on except for YouTube now has over 100 followers (Pinterest 1995, Twitter 1631, LinkedIn 925, Instagram 610 and now Facebook 100).

Receiving 100 likes also means that my Facebook page is economically feasible. With target response rates going at 1-2%, this means that 1-2 people would buy from my page. This is a big threshold for Phenomena. I will continue doing Facebook Live because I love to communicate and interact. I will also prepare myself for more interaction since there are now more people in my community. I am very open to meeting and interacting with the newbies.

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