Morning Magnet: 2023 Is Here!

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2023 is officially here! We are in our second full week of the New Year! has been very busy pumping out content. We also have some programming notes.


Programming Notes

  • Return of AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA Series
  • Return of Newsletters
  • More Speaking Opportunities
  • Twitter Is Shutting Down Revue – No More Curated By Carla


Return of AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA Series


The series has returned yesterday. Its return came from someone reaching out to me for a speaking opportunity because she read my Medium blog post archives. I brought it up because I wanted to use this series to chronicle my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification renewal journey. I am also big on using to guide you in the right direction.


Return of Newsletters


Carla’s Correspondence, PositivityChange Post and PM.Project are returning to their Monday time slots.


More Speaking Opportunities


I am open to receiving more IT, cloud computing and project management speaking opportunities. Visit my speaking page and YouTube channel to see all of my videos.


Twitter Is Shutting Down Revue – No More Curated By Carla


Twitter has decided to end Revue newsletter service. I will be shutting down Curated by Carla too. This week is the final issue. I am proud to have produced 69 issues. I will be downloading all of my issues because I have accumulated a lot of resources and worked hard on delivering the best quality content around. Don’t fear: you can still get your IT, cloud and project management fix every Wednesday by subscribing to Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter.

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