Morning Magnet : 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Live to Survive

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2017 was the year video emerged as a big player on the scene. Though livestreaming had been around since 2015 with the likes of Meerkat (RIP) and Periscope, other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram began adding livestreaming in 2016. Livestream emerged as the singular best way to reach your customers and convert sales. HubSpot reported that 51.9% of all marketers cited video as their highest converting medium. Livestream is a part of that. So why not get on board RIGHT NOW with livestream in 2018? Everyone else is.

If you are fearful as to why you should be on video and how you look on camera. Well, don’t fear the answer is right here. You have come to the right place! I have a FREE handout on my 5 reasons why you MUST go live in order to survive! Grab it here:

Why You Must Go Live(Stream) to Survive

Many people are saying that livestreaming is the wave of the future. They couldn’t be more wrong. Livestreaming is NOW! It is the present. Every major social media platform has livestream. You as a business owner need to integrate livestream into your marketing plan because it is adapt or die!

I want you to adapt and thrive! Let me hand you a lifeline now!

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