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This is the first full week of August and I just feel the need to go harder and faster than ever before (I also think that this is because my birthday is this Friday, August 9th. I will have an all-new year of life.). I am accelerating my progress all about ensuring the following:

  • both of my websites and stay in the Alexa Internet Majestic Million rankings.
  • Accelerate my Carla’s Corner mailing list
  • I will keep shooting videos for Instagram and my Adventures in Workforce Development because they love them and
  • develop my AWS (Amazon Web Services), ITIL for PMP series.

Having both my sites in the Alexa Internet Majestic Million is confirmation that people value what I say. I am truly honored and blessed that I have cultivated the right audience to read my material and watch my videos.

Accelerate my Carla’s Corner mailing list

This August, I think that I have figured it out. People want me to send them helpful content. My Carla’s Corner mailing list contains all of my lists. I have noticed that I get 30% and higher open rates over producing current, actionable content. This past week I wrote about back-to-school sales and tax holidays. I will do more of these because I want to give people news that you can use.

More Videos Please

I have noticed that my IG community wants more videos referencing Instagram (is not that meta? Me talking about Instagram nets the most videos). However, my referencing my new Instagram TV (IGTV) and Instagram Live (IG Live) do the best numbers out there. So I will because I love my IG community.

And you can follow me on Instagram at

People Love My Adventures in Workforce Development Video Series

Adventures in Workforce Development video series document my journey with the Cuyahoga County (I am back in my native Cleveland, Ohio) workforce development. Having used federal training money to receive my ITIL 3 professional certification, I want to give viewers inside knowledge about what to expect and how to navigate the federal workforce maze.

I love this series because there is a void in discussing workforce development since America’s focus is white collar work instead of blue-collar and re-development. I am happy to receive comments and engagement because people are coming to my videos to learn more.

I have a playlist too. Check it out here:

Develop my Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills

This Tuesday I took my online Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technical Essentials course. I was so happy studying the Linux Academy’s free AWS Concepts on Udemy and the Learning AWS course. In addition, I had the help desk/system administration experience because I understood the cybersecurity language. I am grateful to my workforce development labor program for paying for it.

Here is my AWS video detailing everything here:

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to never miss a video:

Adventures in Workforce Development

The Adventures in Workforce Development video series chronicles my first hand experience of getting government workforce training money to develop better job market skills. Since dropping the first video, I have received lots of comments about the different battery tests, processes and procedures.

Adventures in Workforce Development has its own YouTube channel so that you don’t miss a video!

ITIL for PMP Video Series

ITIL 4 is here and many PMP project managers don’t know what to make of it. If you are to search Google you would read numerous articles debating which certification is better and/or do you even need ITIL or PMP. Well I want to put this to rest once and for all (especially for project managers): You can be a PMP and ITIL. There is no tug of war here. This is why I have created the ITIL for PMP series to better help you understand the similarities and differences between ITIL 4 and PMP.

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