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2021 has been a very big year for me professionally. I have received my AWS Community Builder Program selection which is huge if you are in the cloud computing space. The program manager told us in our acceptance letter that AWS only accepted 26% of its applicants. That is a little over 1 and 4 accepted. I am thankful that I have been accepted the first time.


Now George Washington University (GWU) School of Business Customer Experience Program has appointed me to its advisory council Like this is major because I feel like ‘truly accomplished’. Every single decade of life you have these benchmarks; and, getting on a top university advisory council is a bellwether. This means that you’ve made it.

The program director selected me because I was free in sharing my experiences passing professional certifications and writing about best practices. I know how much a difference professional certification means. I remember the difference my receiving my Project Management Professional (PMP) was when I received it in June 2013. I have not dipped under $100,000 since and this is 2021.

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