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I truly love writing and engaging with all my readers, subscribers and video watchers on That’s why I am bouncing off of the wall with excitement because has hit another Alexa milestone: entering the 700K! This site is officially at 791,416!



For those who are not bloggers, Alexa Internet, is a website ranking system. It is owned by Amazon and ranks the top 20 million websites. Alexa Internet calls its top 1 million websites, the Majestic Million. Last September 2018, cracked the Majestic Million at 995K. Today my site is at 791,000, a 20% jump from 995K. As a mainly solo blogger and black blogger, there aren’t too many 1-person shops out there cracking the Majestic Million. I am honored for every reader, subscriber and video watcher who has come to!

Watch How Is Moving Up In The World Here!



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