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I am back with an all-new Morning Magnet. If you think that I am more chipper than usual, you are right! I am very happy that my email subscribers have responded to my surveys. I love community communication because it allows me to deliver them the best content out there. My weekly newsletter were released Monday. As always, check out the snippets and subscribe to receive the whole thing.

Below I have written why I have created the Morning Magnet series here. I am truly grateful to all of my morning readers. I take this business blogging series. This Morning Magnet series is my thank you for continued reading. My community involvement hasn’t gone unseen because another blogging community has recommended my post on Medium. With the Morning Magnet series, and all of my content, I try to give the community real answers and actionable steps. I have done the same thing with LinkedIn Letter.

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you’ll receive the monthly LinkedIn Letter. This post is exclusively for my LinkedIn followers. I want to connect with them about what I am currently doing. I want to engage with them. My most recent issue focuses on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is a game changer and it’s imperative that I inform people about the latest changes. When people are following you, you’re viewed as an authority. You have to give them quality information to keep them coming back. Read the latest LinkedIn Letter here.

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