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Hey everyone! If you are ready this fresh off of the press, it is Monday and I am in the Fundamentals of AWS training course. This is my third and final one for August. You can read up on my Technical Essentials course and watch my AWS Business Essentials video here.


I am currently enrolled in the workforce development program where I am learning more about cloud computing. I have done a significant amount of self-study to come into these Amazon trainings with substantial lab and knowledge experience. As a techie, I feel that cloud computing is the next frontier and I want to be a part of it. AWS is the market leader in cloud computing services so why not learn it?

Throughout August I have taken these AWS courses and am appreciative of my LinkedIn community. They are very extremely of me liking, commenting and sharing my videos. I have been chronicling my AWS learning and workforce development experience on LinkedIn.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here. When I am done with my Fundamentals of AWS course, I will drop another video over there too. You can also get all of my AWS videos on my YouTube channel

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