Morning Magnet: AZ-305 Beta Exam

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Happy Saturday everybody! This past Thursday night I sat for my AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert beta exam. It was a doozy to say that least. What I would say was that it was an expert exam. I admitted that AZ-700 was the hardest associate exam that I ever took but AZ-305 was harder than that because it required you to read a whole lot and process the information quickly! Now I await the results!


In the meantime, I am happy that I have come this far to reach Azure expert level. I’ve started off 2021 which only Azure fundamental certifications. Now at the end of 2021, I have received SC-900 and 3 associate exams (AZ-104, AI-100 and AZ-700). Here’s to becoming AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert certified in 2022!

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