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Hey everyone! It is Tuesday and we’re back from Labor Day. Here’s hoping that your holiday was splendid and restful. Well, we are back to the grind. I, of course, have some surprise news for you: Canva got in touch with me! Out of nowhere! I mean, I am completely surprise and this comes from me having horrible tunnel vision. You know once I focus on something then I block out everything else.

As you know, I write my Morning Magnet series as a love letter to my morning readers. In one of the article, I write about using Canva to create my sales images. I just write it without much fanfare. Out of nowhere, I get an email from Canva! I am completely blown away because I am just on here chronicling my life. I have no idea that Canva would be reading my blog. Then I remember, that I have a 5.3 million Alexa site ranking so people and brands are reading my blog!

I am truly grateful for the blog readers and will get way more traffic coming this September with a boatload of content. Just watch because I am going hard this final third of 2017.

As always, if you miss any of the Morning Magnets, you can read them here:

Special Announcement: PMM Live Will Air on Tuesday at 6pm EST!

In honor of Labor Day, PMM Live will air on Tuesday at 6pm EST. In keeping with the PMBOK 6th edition theme, I will discuss agile project management’s emergence within the new guide. Business analysis emerged during the 5th edition. I will also add my certified scrum master insights to the all-new PMM Live.

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