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We all want recognition because we are humans. We want to be congratulated for our efforts. Being an eBay reseller is no different. It has been over 3 months in between my 48th and 49th. In the meantime, I have made over 10 sales, kept my 100% customer feedback rating, answered questions and done fashion livestreams on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Receiving gold stars let me know that I am maintaining high quality customer service. I am adamant about keeping my 100% rating and that means knowing what the customer thinks. That’s how I am able to deliver now and in the future the best in tall women’s luxury consignment:


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There Is Room for Everyone!

I have seen a whole lot of my friends find success in early 2018. I am very happy for them because they are paving the way and paying it forward for me and everyone else. It is essential to be happy for those who are getting out there and being trailblazers. In this video, I talk about how my being the first Hiram College student to attend the Washington Center on Internships. Now there is a designated contact person for the Washington Center on Internships program. It is all about paying it forward. Watch the entire video below!



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