Morning Magnet: Christmastime

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you are enjoying yourself, your family and friends during this holiday! Here at want to take time and relax and remember the reason for the season!


Moreover, we also want you to check out ways to improve your social media, personal branding and project management skills just in time for Christmas and the start of the New Year! So here is the blog’s wrap up of all things Christmas

Week Ahead: Christmastime Is Here!

Read the latest Week Ahead article here:

How to Promote Your Personal Brand At The Company’s Christmas Party

I am very big on personal branding; and, with relatives coming in for Christmas what better way than Christmas dinner to promote yours. Here’s my article about how to do just that:

Me Receiving the 2016 President Obama Christmas Card!

From Christmas past, here’s the article where I received the 2016 President Obama Christmas card!

Merry Christmas!

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