Morning Magnet: CISSP

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Happy Monday everyone! This is the first Morning Magnet of 2022. I want to focus on my CISSP exam prep course because I believe that this certification will be the biggest game changer of 2022.


If you’ve missed it, last week I announced that I won my DreamTECH CISSP scholarship in December, received the check last Monday and would be starting my CISSP exam prep training this month.

CISSP is a senior-level IT certification requiring 5 years’ IT experience. I deem it the IT equivalent of PMP which requires 5 years’ project management experience. After doing cloud computing for over 3 years plus all of my other IT experience, I feel that I am capable of becoming a CISSP. My goal is to pass the exam by spring (May at the latest).

Finally, I do see myself creating some type of blog series to give you a peak behind the rainbow just in case either you or someone you know are interested in becoming a CISSP.

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