Morning Magnet : Closing Out July Strong

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This is the final week of July and I will send it off on a very high note! July has been a month of multiple opportunities and breakthroughs. This month I have learned from PMI that it accepts my project management FB group mentoring experience and soaring to its highest global and national (US) Alexa Internet rankings. It is only right that I keep the momentum going ending July at an apex!


Renew My PMP

My biggest goal this week is renewing my PMP certification. As I have stated before, finishing my PMP is one of 2019’s biggest goals because once I am done, I will not have recertify until June 2025. That is nearly 6 years later! I am completely looking forward to it. Has Cracked the 500,000 Alexa Internet Barrier!

I am very happy to announce that has cracked the Alexa Rank 500,000 barrier this week! This is a big milestone because it means that my site is one of the top 500K sites in this world! Can you believe it? This is the best thing ever!


Read how else I will close out July strong here:

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