Morning Magnet: Cloud Journey

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I am in the midst of my Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud journey. Right now I am using AWS Solutions Architect Solutions Associate learning path (I am on the third module) to prepare for next week’s training. On Tuesday, I will start my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam preparation training. I will make a significant dent (at least 6 out the 9 modules will be done by Tuesday). My goal is to walk into the classroom knowing a whole lot about being a Solutions Architect.


I have been steadily documenting my cloud journey on as well as LinkedIn Below video shows my LinkedIn community giving me over 250 views of my Solutions Architect certificate of completion. I am making significant headway into AWS cloud computing. They have been very supportive of since my completing the Become an AWS Cloud Practitioner learning path in August. I have received a couple of cloud computing job opportunities from documenting my cloud journey. I look forward to receiving even more and sharing my progress while others to inspire them.

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