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This blog post article was inspired by a very nice recommendation letter from Andrew Brown at ExamPro. One of the jobs I was interviewing for requested references. Initially I froze because all of my references were over 2 years old; and, I obtained so many more skills in these past two years.


Immediately I emailed people whom I worked with to request a recommendation. When Andrew sent me this nice letter saying that I was a subject matter expert, I smiled from ear to ear. I never thought that I was an ‘expert’. Beta tester yes but expert no. However, when I reviewed all of my accomplishments and the work that I put in, then yes I could call myself an expert!

Just in 2021 I accomplished all of these things:

I mean these are some major accomplishments. Plus I have documented my journal to help others get certified.

I am still receiving business proposals and opportunities. If your company needs help managing its AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud resources and infrastructure get in touch with me at 

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