Morning Magnet: Coming This June

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Hey everyone! It is June! A new month gives me a new boost to my creative juices. I have a lot of videos, podcasts and articles that will be coming your way to


This month I will am focusing on videos. My goal is to grow my YouTube channel from 70 subscribers to 100. My foci will be doing more personal branding, social media and project management. I am returning to YouTube Live also. I went live yesterday detailing my June content plan.

I intend on going live on YouTube much more often like with Project Management Monday Live (PMM Live). PMM Live was my weekly live show where every Monday I discussed a current project management topic. I did 24 episodes of it. PMM Live is returning and I will also going to go live for personal branding and social media. I may even create a new show. Who knows? What I do know is that I am committed to delivering high quality content.

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