Morning Magnet: Cracking the Alexa Code

posted in: Morning Magnet | 2 is steadily moving into the 1-million site ranking. Right now it is at 1.688 million. It is important milestone for me because it shows that readers value my content and authority. Read the rest of the article here.


Phenomena Corporation’s primary areas are:

  • Business – World Class in Project Management, Time Management, Efficiency, Productivity
  • Project management – Certified Project Management Instructor
  • Change management –, positive change blog
  • Personal branding – Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand
  • Social media – score of 1.668 million Globally and 193K Nationally. Top 10% of all websites on Alexa
  • Content Marketing – Medium top 10% blogger, Medium Member, Writer, Personal Branding Channel
  • Economics and statistics – BA in International Economics

How Can This Alexa Score and 8 Minute 5 Second Average Session Duration Help Your Brand?

Four times the industry average means three times as many eyeballs! My audience seeing your business, branding and project management products and services means more conversions because it would have spent 8 minutes and 5 seconds watching your videos, read your sponsored ads and clicking your ad. These activities result in purchases which is what brands and businesses want.


Do you want these results? Here is my contact information:

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Once again here is my contact information:

Call me:

Book me:

Email me:


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    • carlarjenkins

      Yes. I am not stealing anything. What I mean by the title is producing the content and getting the readers to move up and not stay stagnant. Thanks for reading.