Morning Magnet : Getting Back

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February 2018 is becoming a very big rebound month for The site is receiving a lot more hits from influencer marketing companies and commenters who are interested in my content. This is a great development because I am looking for more ways to spread my business and project management information. I love to share, exchange and communicate new ideas to people. That’s what

I am also expanding into guest blogging. I have learned my lessons from last year about venturing into this space. I have been building relationships ahead of submission which are important. Blogging is a people business. Also I dislike coming across as a spammer. Now people know and expect my submission is coming. I am very excited about returning back to guest blogging.

3 Steps to Bounce Back from After a Blog Break

Bloggers are humans that means that life happens. Here are my 3 steps to bouncing back after taking a break.



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