Morning Magnet : Here’s to a Productive and Peaceful Week!

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Hey everyone! Here’s to a productive and peaceful week! I hope that you make strides in your personal and professional lives; and, that your end of this week is better than your beginning! I am declaring positivity because I truly want more of it in my life and my readers’ lives. I have created the Morning Magnet series because I’ve noticed how many people start off their day reading Even all of these months later, I am truly honored that you are still reading the Morning Magnet and my blog. My only goal is to write no fluff, actionable content that gives my readers some steps towards a better career and business.

I am highlighting some of my most recent articles to increase your peaceful and productivity because there can never be too much of either.

There Is Room for Everyone!

There truly is. I love whenever someone I know accomplishes something because it means that there is an opportunity for me to do the same. I never feel like I have to be in competition with someone else especially my friends.

3 Steps to Bounce Back After a Blog Break

We bloggers and content creators are human. We take breaks every now and then. Sometimes they are prolonged and unplanned. So, what do you do when they are? I’m glad you’ve asked because I have just the article for you to help you work your way through this and retain all of your readers.

7 Steps to Be Assertive and Asking for What You Want

We want better. We just don’t know how to go about it. Here’s my 7-step plan towards being assertive, how to ask and what to do once you get what you want.

May these articles contribute to a productive and peaceful week for both your personal and professional lives.

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