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Happy Sunday everybody! I am newly Scrum certified. In what you may ask? Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate! I received it last night after scoring 30 out of 40 (75%) on the certification exam. This is my second Scrum certification.


How did I get certified?

This past Friday I registered for a free Scrum training that I saw on BlackTechTwitter hashtag. I favorited the link and returned to it after seeing a couple of people I knew register. This training would be held over this weekend and two more times this week.

When I first logged in I was surprised to see some of my LinkedIn connections on there. It was over 350 people on the Zoom. It was crazy and so was the Slack channel but Teneika Askew managed.

Speaking of the chat, at the end of the day, I refreshed the chat to see what other people were talking about. I saw the discussion about people failing this exam. Initially I thought that it was a practice exam link because the training had a website with practice questions. No biggie. I thought it was the practice question in URL form instead of PDF.


 No. It was the ACTUAL certification exam!

I scored 75% and got the congratulatory screen. I saw the PDF certificate link with the social media buttons to share. I did not think that it was a real certification because the screen also had the message of paying $49 to get the real certificate.

Ever being the sleuth that I am, I check Acclaim because it has all of the certification badges. And lo and behold the Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate badge is there. I claim it and this is how I have my second Scrum certification! At least I can say that this second one is way less adventurous than the first one!


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