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Good morning everyone! Thanks for reading and welcome to an all-new edition of Morning Magnet. Today I will be talking about the importance of pressing on in the middle of adversity and how it has helped me.


Earlier this week was Independence Day. The day before the holiday I received one eBay sale and thought that I would take it easy. However, when I saw someone whom I subscribed to on YouTube dropped fresh, crisp video, it forced me to boss up, grab my webcam and dust off a new eBay livestream . That spark helped me get out inertia (it was a holiday). I was glad that it did because I benefitted from this intervention.


I did the livestream on Monday, shared it on my social media and it did nothing. Undeterred, I shared it on social media during Independence Day, shared my store merchandise on Twitter, created two blog posts on my Blogger account discussing my decision to do a livestream and highlighting my new merchandise along with 12 Things I Learned During My First Year on eBay. No sales. Wednesday morning, I saw that eBay opened a case against the buyer because she did purchase my good. I still promoted my livestream, blog articles, shared my merchandise twice a day on Twitter and priced according to eBay’s recommendations. I went to sleep. Nothing, or so I thought.


I awoke Thursday morning to see an offer on one of my items. I opened eBay and saw the ‘paid – ship now’ alert. I saw that someone bought one of my items Wednesday night. I made a counteroffer then agreed on a price for the second item. That made two sales. Then the Monday buyer paid for the item making that three sales. Finally, I received another offer for a fourth item which I was still awaiting payment as of this publication. The three messages I got from this are:



  • Keep pressing on even when you don’t see anything that’s working.


  • Try new things. I expanded into writing a blog about my livestream to attract more customers.
  • Welcome feedback. I priced according to eBay’s recommendations when my things weren’t selling.


You can also watch this Monday’s eBay livestream. I have a new one dropping by this weekend.

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    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks Sue for responding. I admit that sometimes it is hard to press on in spite of everything; but, that’s the only way I was able to make all of these sales.