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I would like to thank all of my readers for taking time out their mornings to read ! I have created Morning Magnet just for you. I am very appreciative that you’ve decided to spend your early morning waking hours with me! Morning Magnet always gives you the first news on


I am creating new lead magnets to increase my email subscribers.  I need new lead magnets because I have grown as a professional. In 2017, I have received the ITIL Foundation certification, have 3 social media sites (Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter) that are over 1000 followers, and Phenomena has landed its first client.

3 Reasons You Should Copyright Your Material

You are a maker. A content creator. You are someone who converts your brain power into products and services! You have been consistently pumping out content. Have you ever thought about copyrighting your material? I mean why not? Your brain, your content is intellectual property. You MUST protect it at all costs. Sign up to receive my 3 reasons why you should copyright your material

Why You Must Go Live(Stream) to Survive

Many people are saying that livestreaming is the wave of the future. They couldn’t be more wrong. Livestreaming is NOW! It is the present. Every major social media platform has livestream. You as a business owner need to integrate livestream into your marketing plan because it is adapt or die!

I want you to adapt and thrive! Let me hand you a lifeline now!

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