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Right now LinkedIn is my thing! I have been promoting myself heavily on this network since passing my ITIL certification this past June. My time investment has paid dividends. I have amassed 900 LinkedIn followers and written over 200 LinkedIn Pulse articles.

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Writing 200 LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Hitting the 200 article mark has been transformative for me because most people don’t get that far. Add to the fact that I have just surpassed the 100 article mark this January. It has been a learning experience because so many of my readers have inboxed me saying how much my writing has helped them. That has not happened when I was writing my first 100 articles. These extra 100 articles have built my audience and credibility.

Receiving 900 LinkedIn Followers

I am very happy to have surpassed the 900 LinkedIn followers this week! My growth has accelerated due to native upload videos and LinkedIn Pulse. I have noticed that in one month, I have gone from 800 to 900. I am already looking towards getting 1000 followers. That would be a very big milestone because this would be my third social media with over 1000 followers (Twitter and Pinterest).



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