Morning Magnet : Magnifying My Brilliance

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Good morning! I am wishing everyone and happy and productive week! FYI, remember, I am still hosting my FREE Make Your Second Half Better webinar series. This week’s topic is ‘Nothing to it to do it!’ I will be discussing how to implement the plan, prioritize and organize process.

Since the last Morning Magnet, I have been busy with newsletters (Subscribe here for the Carla R Jenkins one!), Facebook  and livestreaming . I have taken to YouTube Live to communicate with my community about my brand and what’s in my online store. One of my features includes my Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand livestream. Want to learn how to perfect your personal brand? Watch here to see how! 


I have spoken with a recruiter who tells me that he’s told his wife to buy my Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand, because she changing jobs! How cool is that?! Now, yes, his comment has come out of thin air but I have been laying the foundation for this one for a while. I have done an Expand Your Personal Brand product category livestream featuring my book, workbook and bundle (book + workbook). I even have live viewers for that stream (You can watch and shop it here!) 



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2 Responses

  1. Julie S Pit Stop Crew

    Interesting views definitely Its great to Magnify one’s brilliance and mindset every morning. Whta a way. Thanks for sharing at the pot stop.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thank you very much Julie! I use Morning Magnet to thank all of the people who start their mornings off reading my site.