Morning Magnet : Marketplace Seeking Me Out Part II

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Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone!

It is the end of the workweek and I extremely happy that I am receiving even more opportunities. People are reading my content, watching my videos and looking at my photos. I have received a meeting invite from a company event I have attended. It is totally out of left field. I only attend the event to show my readers that I can get out of the house and do some real reporting. I will stand by that principle of attending and reporting on events that I like. One of them was Flipboard’s #FlipBizChat.

I was invited to participate in its inaugural chat (You can read more about it here.). I also won a prize but the reason why I attended was to expend my knowledge and learn more about Flipboard. I admitted that Flipboard gave me a lot of unique articles that weren’t being posted anywhere else. I liked producing fresh content because it was thought-provoking and I thought that my followers deserved something from the norm.

Speaking of writing, I checked my notifications and learned that people had some things to say about my How I Run a Daily Scrum article . At first, I was defensive but I stopped because at least they were reading. I followed up thanking them for reading and giving my opinion. Hey, I was out there writing and shooting videos. Besides, not everyone was going to agree with my stuff and that was okay.

Finally, citing a dry spell, I shored up my eBay inventory adding 7 new pieces to my store. I guessed no one wanted the current stuff. Upon completion, I accepted a bid from a previous buyer. I shipped the merchandise immediately. I then shot a new eBay livestream video showcasing all of the seven newest items. I decided to do this experiment because I wanted to test if people liked the shorter video versus the one featuring the entire store.

Shop my eBay store here:

Watch the new video below and tell me what you think!


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  1. Betty

    Congratulations Carla. Thanks for stopping by