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Good morning!

I have great news to tell everyone! I am receiving a whole lot of attention and interest from companies in the global marketplace. I have received an invitation from Flipboard to participate in its first Twitter chat this Thursday at 4pm EST. I am honored because all I have been doing on Twitter is producing high-quality business content and participating in business Twitter chats. When I am participating in these chats, all I want to do is share my knowledge and expertise. I’ve never thought about being in business Twitter chats to land any type of deals.

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The marketplace is seeking me out in other ways. This has been the fourth consecutive weeks that a recruiter has gotten in contact with me over LinkedIn. This is proof that they’re interested in me and my skillset. I have achieved this increased interest level because I have published content and shared it with relevant groups. I have also done more investigative reporting like writing about the Bloomberg Government event. Read about it here .These events are like applied knowledge. I will do more live reporting events. I like sharing my experience and communicating. I am happy that both recruiters and readers like them.

Finally, I have received my 40th gold star and 100% positive feedback rating. Below is my new video showing you how I have accomplished both.


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