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Today is May 1, 2022. It is the fifth month of 2022. It is also the first full month of spring and later this month with Memorial Day, the official start of summer in the US.


I am writing this Morning Magnet to ank each and every single one of you for reading and my new Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter. I have debuted this LinkedIn newsletter on May 9, 2022 and every single issue has received over 500 views. That is amazing!

I am also thankful to have received over 700 YouTube subscribers and over 900 monthly Medium views. As you know YouTube is hard and I am in the IT, cloud and project management space. These industries are traditionally male.

With Medium it is one of the highest profile blog sites in the world. To be able to receive 900 monthly views through the Medium Partner Program (I am a Medium member who is eligible to premium content), I am honored.

I see may as a very big content creation month for as well as everywhere else I write. So join me in all of my other spaces to receive the best in IT, cloud and project management.

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