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Morning Magnet is your morning business beat. It tracks everything that I and Phenomena have been doing. This morning I am happy to report that my site has cracked the 5 million mark! This is a huge accomplishment especially since being under 1 million on Alexa Internet by the end of 2017 is one of my blog goals. Morning Magnet retention is one of the reasons for the 700,000-spot jump. I am extremely grateful for all of your readership. I want to create Morning Magnet as a personal thank you for starting your mornings with me. Read all about it here.

Since we are talking about site metrics, I am transitioning to social media. I have been focusing on LinkedIn since receiving my ITIL certification this June. This social media move has paid dividends. This week I have surpassed 750 followers. In this article, I give 3 ways to achieve my success. One of the ways to accomplish this is to create site-specific content. Each social media platform has its own ecosystem, language and customs. I have created the LinkedIn Letter to speak directly with all of my LinkedIn followers. The LinkedIn Letter stays on LinkedIn. Site-specific content means that you committed to your audience. My decision to create site-specific content isn’t limited only to LinkedIn. I am doing it for other platforms including my website.

Circling back to Morning Magnet, this is site-specific content exclusively on and nowhere else.  In addition, I am writing extensively on Facebook Live and how it will expand your personal brand. How to Set Your Facebook Live on Fire video has taken on a life of its one with people commenting on it. As a business blogger and social media influencer, it is my responsibility to keep people informed on the things that can help them. I always approach my content from a service perspective.

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