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Good morning everyone!

Here’s to a new month and new possibilities. I am feeling perky this morning because I have written out all of my July accomplishments and August goals . It is important to keep of all of your goals so that you can measure your progress. Remember, you can’t manage what you DON’T measure! The same here for blogging.

I am happy because I have just learned how to monetize my blog. It hit me when I am writing down my accomplishments. There is this formula that I have uncovered for getting new jobs, interviews and opportunities. I have to write it down because I 1) want to capitalize upon it and 2) don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Monetizing is essential for any blog or business to survive. I have been blogging first on since July 31, 2015. I have been blogging on another site since 2004 but that was just my thoughts not anything business or money-related. That site has helped me find my point of view and is the place where I do all of my eBay stuff. I am just glad that I have kept writing my best articles over this two-year period. Putting forth your best work makes it that much easier when people start paying you because you have a treasure trove of rich blogger content to pull from.

From August onward, I am focusing on monetizing my content and products. I will start working on giving people more reasons why to read and purchase my products. I also have so many great things lined up for all of my readers. August will be the start of something big!

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