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Hey there everybody! I passed my MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification exam this past Monday. Though I was happy that I passed because I used my free Learn to Cloud exam voucher to get this MS-900 and qualify for a MS365 Expert Moderator chat job, let’s just say that none of the resources I used helped me. They were all outdated from the May 18, 2022 exam change.

If you were reading when it first came out, I would recommend against sitting for the MS-900 if you did not have any Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security knowledge because outside of Microsoft Learn there were no resources to help you pass. Furthermore, I believed that Microsoft Learn learning path was not enough to pass the new MS-900.


I also took it upon myself to reach out personally to one of the content creators on LinkedIn that I used. I told him that Microsoft was realigning the MS-900 to be more security-based because of the SC-100 cybersecurity architect exam. MS-900 was the Microsoft 365 fundamentals certification. After you finished that you would take the MS-500 MS365 administrator exam. Passing the MS-500 would qualify you to sit for the SC-100.

Viewers don’t understand how hard it is to produce educational content. They’re just watching it. You have to research, accumulate the knowledge, get the lighting and sound right and make sure that it is not too long or too short of a video or posting. The viewer is just watching it on YouTube for free.

However, returning back to the MS365 Expert Moderator chat job all’s well that ends well. I have passed the MS-900, submitted it along with my resume and am awaiting a decision. I think that I have the job. I will keep all of you posted!

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